Friday, March 6, 2009

Gulf Air - Bahrain

Gulf Air has come a long way since it launched services in 1950 as Gulf Aviation Company. Now fully owned by the Kingdom of Bahrain through Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company, the airline started as a small scale commuter service, serving the oil fields of the Gulf and some regional customers. Today, Gulf Air is a major international airline serving over 40 destinations worldwide. However, whether it is 10 or 100 destinations, seven seater planes or the latest state of the art jets, our goal has remained constant - a commitment to the latest aviation technology and an adherence to traditional Arabian hospitality.

We strictly adhere to a disciplined and systematic process ensuring reliable supply at optimum cost and quality, whilst working to clearly defined objectives.

  • Ensure timely procurement in a planned manner avoiding any disruptions to operations due to lack of goods/services
  • Adoption of best practices and continuous improvement in efficiency
  • Acquire quality goods/services with a focus on reducing cost, minimising risk and improving levels of service and technology
  • Develop key supplier relationships and ensure best terms of supply
  • Maintain awareness of market conditions and sources of supply.

Our mission is to provide a responsive service to the operational needs of our organisation in an ethical, effective and efficient manner.

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