Monday, February 23, 2009

Most Successful Low Cost Airlines in Canada


In Canada, Air Canada has found it difficult to compete with new low-cost rivals such as WestJet, Canjet, and Jetsgo despite its previously dominant position in the market: Air Canada entered a period of bankruptcy protection in 2003, but emerged from protection in September 2004. Air Canada operated two low-fare subsidiaries, Tango and Zip, but both were discontinued. Jetsgo ceased operations on March 11th 2005 and Canjet discontinued scheduled air services on September 10th 2006.

Today WestJey is the primary low-cost airline in Canada. Previously, Zoom Airlines provided an additional option, but ceased operations on August 28, 2008 due to financial problems. Air Canada has started to offer "Tango" fares (not associated with the aforementioned airline) that offer low-cost carrier services while still offer legacy carrier type service on other fare structures.

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